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Maneki Neko ("Lucky Cat")
acrylic, 9x12

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Update 5/12/06

The calendar says it's spring, but the weather has been ungodly cold the past week...cold, gray and yucky. So I've been working on various projects in my spare (?) time. I have some ideas for jewelry pieces with a Native American theme, and we'll see how this experiment goes.

One of my friends warned me that "beading is addictive". You know, she's right! LOL. There are so many kinds of beads (from pony beads to seed beads), wire and string, charms, gemstones...Michael's, Hobby Lobby and AC Moore has a new beader roaming their beading aisles!

Needless to say, my husband just rolls his eyes and thinks, "OK, this is just another one of her latest projects." I haven't abandoned my other creative pursuits by any means, though, and I enjoy switching from one to the other.

New paintings, "Lady of the Wood" in "Women in Color" (or as I like to subtitle it, "Maid Marian on equal par with Robin Hood"), "Believe", in "People Places and Things" and "Midnight Run", in "Travellogue".

Blackhawke Gallery's new sister site, "Crazy Creatives: A Site for Those who Think Outside the Box" is up and running!

Guestbook, forum, links, and classifieds section are active, so please stop by! If you have a site, service or business you'd like to advertise, check out the Classifieds!

 Enjoy the site, and please visit my shop on!

Thanks for your love and support!




My Power Necklace
pewter charms, purple leather cord, red/green beads barrel beads, long Southwestern beads

Turtle Necklace
Turtle charm, tiger-eye colored stones, silver spacers,Southwestern beads, 2 coils of cord

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